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Whether One Should Wear Coral And Emerald Gemstone Together?

It is said that wearing natural gemstone following the right method changes the life of its native in a positive way. The reasons why gemstones bring positive changes in one’s life because it contains the mystical energies emitted by the auspicious planets within it and helps its wearer to earn great benefits in their lives. Given the above fact, in this post, we would discuss why red coral stone should not be worn with the emerald stone.

Red Coral stone is a precious gemstone that belongs to the massive planet Mars and contains the divine powers of the planet Mars within it. Mars signifies anger, passion, determination, wealth, good health, confidence, and self-esteem.

red coral gemstone
Natural Coral Stone 4.8 CT

Similarly, the emerald stone also belongs to the same category of a precious gemstone, but it belongs to the propitious planet, Mercury. Mercury is regarded to be the ‘planet of true love’ and wearing this stone apart from the true love carries intellect, wisdom, spirituality, calmness, and confidence.

Unfortunately, wearing both gemstones red coral and emerald together will instead of carrying any favorable results turn against its wearer.

The reason why it sets against its wearer is that their indicative planets both Mars and Mercury shares inimical relation with each other.

And, wearing an emerald and coral blend ring as the finger will evoke negative forces in the horoscope of a human being and display adverse results in one’s life. Since mars and mercury when adopted together will attract negative forces in the horoscope despite positive forces.

Therefore, one should refrain from wearing emerald and coral gemstone together. However, if a person wants to wear emerald and coral gemstone together, he/she should consult or seek the permission of an astrologer because he/she will adequately tell you after analyzing your birth-chart that whether these two stones will suit you or not.


One thing which one should remember that wearing only certified natural emerald or coral stone will let you enroll yourself accurately to win the favors carries by the auspicious planets such as Mars and Mercury.

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  1. DoB: 28/08/1990
    Place : Kolkata
    Gender : Female
    Time of Birth : 9:50 AM
    Query: Been suggested I wear red coral and green emerald for remedial purposes but that doesn’t seem right. What must i do. Please suggest?

  2. I want to know what suits me the best. Wearing a coral or an emerald? Please suggest. My DOB: 23dec 1978. Time: 5:49 AM. Place of birth: Rangia, Assam. India. I am married for 7 years now. But, currently got no job and till now no kid

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