Coral stone is fragile and more brittle than the other gems. The parameter for measuring the hardness of the coral stone is Moh scale and hardness coral stone is  3.5 Mohs scales. Coral stone is an ancient magic stone from the depth of ocean. Coral is taken from coral branches that are created in cold ocean waters by tiny living creatures called Polyps.

Polyps are able to form copies of itself for growth of itself and this whole process is called budding. The branches and colonies of coral are formed by this budding process.

These gemstones are found in several colors – Red, Gold, Black, Blue, White, Pink to deep blood-red color or warm red to pale pink to deep red. The coral gems are found all over the world but the best of the red coral is found in Italy and Japan. Coral is the gem associated with “MANGAL”, the planet MARS.

If one wears the Red Coral gemstone, it can reduce the hurdles caused due to the malefic position of Mars. Coral is not mined just like Pearl in the deep sea. Both are considered as sea animals. According to an astrological point of view, Mars is the lord of Coral which is the son of ‘Prithvi’. Its harmful position results in cruelness and anger to the native.

Care & Cleaning of Red Coral Gem

Due to their organic nature, Coral gemstones or Moonga are both soft and flimsy and should only be sponged with the moist cloth. Be careful about the chemicals because it may affect badly. Red coral has an attractive and vibrant color so that many people find it beautiful.

Red Coral gemstone is delicate and needs special care. The chemical composition of coral is CaCO3. Coral stone is semi-translucent to opaque material.

Wear Coral after you have done with your makeup. Cosmetics are made from harsh chemicals. The maximum use of chemicals could discoloration and dusts the Coral gemstone. Coral can lose their shine and fade their color when exposed directly to the sun rays.