Like other precious gemstones, the price of Red Corals also depends on 4Cs – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. One of the key drivers of its price is the richness of color.

If the color of coral gemstone is lighter than the price of the gemstone is less and if it is deeper one than the price of that stone will be higher than the lighter one.

It is considered that Red Corals are more expensive than the other varieties.  The price of the pink one as compared to the red one is almost the same. Black and Blue Corals are not much demanded and their value is also not so high.

Corals or Moonga in Hindi is a hard gemstone that has a delicate red or pink color which is used in jewelry making. Polished Corals have a crumbly luster.

Nowadays it is a risky species due to pollution. It is advisable to remove this gem at night.

Varieties of Corals and colors are found in different parts of the world.

The best quality of Sea Corals is found in Italy.

Pink Corals are quite difficult to find. The pink Hawaiian corals are also fairly famous.

Blue Corals are found in the Corals reefs in the sea around the Philippines.

Price of Red Corals Per Ratti or Per Carat?

Corals Standard Grade:

Coral gemstone price of standard grade start from 525 INR per Ratti and 840 INR per carat.

Coral Fine Grade:

Coral gemstone price of standard grade start from 1125 INR per Ratti and 1800 INR per carat.

Coral Premium Grade:

Coral gemstone price of standard grade start from 5025 INR per Ratti and 8040 INR per carat.

Coral Triangular Grade:

Corals price of standard grade start from 725 INR per Ratti and 1160 INR per carat.

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