Basically coral is a term that describes the group of marines or you can say sea animals without backbones.  May people surprised to know that coral stones are not plants these are sea animals. These tiny individuals, also known as polyps. Coral stones are formed by huge barrier of coral reefs. Naturally occurring coral stones are found in many colors like: shades of white, pink, orange, gray, red, black and lavender.

Coral stones are found in different types that are listed below:
1. Alcyonaria: Alcyonaria is soft coral stone. Alcyonaria is the skeletons of coral stones. This type of coral also contains bamboo coral stones called “gorgonian” coral.

2. Zoantrharia: Zoantrharia category containing sea anemones, thorny coral and reef-building coral. Reef-building coral is a solitary black and massive barrier reef.

The hard coral branches of the skeleton are naturally matte but it can be polished by the glass for more shine in form of a gem. Hard Coral exhibits a range of warm reddish-pink to the deep red coral gemstone.

These coral are found in different colors and types

1. Precious Coral (Red coral- Pink coral – White coral)
2. Black coral
3. Bamboo Coral
4. Sponge Coral
5. Gold Coral

Markets and Producers of Coral stone

Varieties of Coral gems and colors are found in different parts of the world. The best quality of Sea Coral is found in Italy. Pink Coral is quite difficult to find. Coral is also used for jewelry because of its softness i.e 3 ½ to 4 on Mohr’s scale.

The pink Hawaiian coral is also fairly famous. Blue Coral is found in the Coral reefs in the sea around the Philippines.

Following is a list of some red coral gemstone Occurrence (source and places)

Best Red Coral Gemstone Occurrence Places (Source)

The best sources of Coral gemstones are the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Australia, the South Pacific, the waters of Japan, and Africa.

  • Algerian Coral stone
  • Indian Coral gemstone
  • Tunisian Coral gems
  • Spain Coral stone
  • Italian Coral gem
  • France Coral gemstone
  • Corsican Coral stone
  • Sardinia Coral gem
  • Sicily Coral gemstone