red coral gemstone

How To Store And Care Red Coral Gemstone?

The coral gemstone is an extremely attractive gemstone. If you own one, you should also know how to store red coral gemstones safely. It occurs beneath the sea, so it is called as a naturally occurring stone like pearl stone. Coral stone is found in various colors such as red, white, pink and black, etc. The coral-stone falls under the category of soft stone.

By soft stone, we mean that it is quite fragile in nature and likely to receive scars or fractures if it does not care cautiously. However, many people don’t know the right procedure for storing red coral gemstone jewelry which leads to damage to this precious jewelry item. Nonetheless, after reading this article, you would get to know the right procedure to store red coral stones.

Let’s find out How To Store Red Coral Gemstone safely?

As we know that the red coral gemstone is soft and fragile in nature, so it can easily get bruised or scratched. Thus, in order to guard it against easy scratches, you should know how to store red coral gemstone safely in isolated places where nobody especially kids can’t reach. Proper storage of this precious stone is one of the important aspects which you can’t overlook.

red coral gemstone
red coral gemstone

You can store red coral stone either in a display case or gem drawers. However, while purchasing these drawers or display cases make sure they have a divider to separate gemstones from each other.

Always store soft stones away from hard stones because coming into contact with hard stones may cause damage to your soft coral gemstones.

The foam used inside the gem case or gem drawers should be of good quality cotton cloth.

You should select long and flat boxes that come with various sections or compartments to store various kinds of gemstones.

You can also opt for a plastic container with a divider box to preserve your stones and jewelry from scratches. Moreover, it is an inexpensive way to store red coral stone and it won’t cost you a hefty amount of money.

You can also store red coral stone in soft cotton cloth in case if you can’t afford to buy a gem case or gem container. Even you can use some pieces of neat velvet cloth to store this item.

After placing the gemstone in a gem jar or display case, don’t forget to close the lid of the container. Because some gemstones are receptive to extreme heat or sudden fluctuations in the temperature.

Do not store red coral stone inside the plastic bags or packets because plastic packets tend to trap the moisture for an indefinite time period. In case you want to store your stones in a plastic bag to make sure that you clear all the moisture before storing red coral stone inside it.


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