What Should Be The Ideal Weight Of Coral Gemstones?

Red coral stone is influenced by the mystical and frivolous powers of the planet Mars. And, it is suggested that wearing mars blessed red coral stone will prove benevolent for its wearer. lets find out what should be the ideal weight of coral gemstones?

It is supposed that wearing this potential gemstone will nullify the ill-effects of vengeful planet Mars.

The use of red coral stone has been known for ages and since then it has been used effectively. People who are facing misfortune or physical adversities should don this blissful stone to get rid-off all these problems.

The coral gemstone is spotted in the sea water. And, it is quite fragile in nature. Apart from red color, the natural coral is also spotted in the white color.

The Italian red coral gemstone is conceived as being one of the most beautiful and adequate stone. Therefore, one should buy an Italian red coral stone to perceive all the positive properties of the planet Mars in their life.

It is said that those who are suffering from piles, pimples, ulcer, and dehydration should wear this impactful stone to overcome all these serious health issues.

Wearing this stone will also derive the passion, positivity, abate the anger and confusion. It will also help an individual to overcome his/her long-lasting fears.

Those individuals who are working the following field should wear this effective gemstone to gain professional success, promotion or job security, such as policeman, politicians, electricians, players, surgeons, and labor of the factory.

Wearing red coral beads or necklace will void the negative thoughts, prevent abortion, impotency smallpox and stomach h related problems.

To enjoy or cherish all these superlative benefits, one should only wear natural coral. Apart from wearing a real coral; one should also pay attention to the weight of the coral stone.

It is quite essential that a person wear this stone of a specified weight. Otherwise, wearing this stone will not prove beneficial or advantageous for its wearer.

The weight of the coral stone is decided while keeping in consideration the age, weight and the placement of planets in the birth-chart of that person. Generally, the weight of a normal coral stone should at least be around 3 ratti or carats.


Nonetheless, many scholars or astrologers have mutual consent over wearing coral in accordance with the weight of the stone. For example: if an ascendant weights 60 kg then he/she should wear the stone of at least 6 carats. It indicates that for 1 Carat on 10 kg.

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