Reasons Why Red Coral Stone Is Called A Lucky Gemstone?


Red coral is considered as a lucky gemstone. The reason behind labeling this stone being lucky is its association with the planet Mars. Mars signifies wealth, health, support marital life, annihilate depression, violence, wars and stop nightmares.

Coral stone is fragile in nature. Its hardness is 3.5 on the Mohs scale (a tool to measure the hardness or rigidness of a stone).

It is not a mined gemstone, although, this stone is found deep in the sea. A normal coral bead is accumulated from 15 ft to 160 ft deep sea water.

The fascinating coral beads with various color options to its wearer that may range from red coral, white coral and orange color coral stones. Now coming back to the previous question that why coral gemstone is acknowledged as being a lucky gemstone.

The pivotal reason for categorizing this stone as the lucky stone is its positive association with the substantial planet Mars. Mars is an important planet that has amassed capacity to create significant impacts over the lives of its wearer.

Having said so, the Mars has the ability to create either positive or negative effects over the life of its wearer as per its position in the birth chart or horoscope of an individual.

When Mars is dominant will evoke positive powers in the life of its wearer; on the other hand, if it is debilitated or weak, so it will equally evoke dreadful forces in the life of its wearer.

And, make him/her face several hardships in their life on both front personal as well as professional. Mangal Dosh or Manglik Dosh emerges due to weak or debilitated Mars or Mangal.

Red coral stone is perceived lucky for all those people born under the following dates of every month 9, 18, 27. Moreover, the red coral stone is considered as the birthstone or a lucky planet for Scorpio and Aries sign natives. Hence, all those ascendants that are born in between that period are stated as a lucky or fortunate.


Furthermore, the crucial gemstone coral is the best-recommended gift for 35th wedding anniversary. Wearing natural coral will also derive positive changes in the lives of all those individuals who work under the following profession: police, surgeon, a stock market, chemistry, and politicians.

Therefore, all these natives should wear coral stone because it will prove lucky to them. Having said so, to gain favorable results only buy certified red coral stone because wearing fake or lab created coral won’t prove benevolent!

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