Conflicting Gemstones With Red Coral

Conflicting Gemstones With Red Coral
Conflicting Gemstones With Red Coral

The red coral gemstone is an auspicious gemstone. It belongs to ferocious planet Mars . It has immense capability to affect the life of an individual significantly. Red coral is the one of the precious gem among all 9 gemstones .

let’s see which are the conflicting gemstones with red coral stone.

As it is stated about the precious stones that these gemstones have the ability to invoke celestial forces.They belong to benefit nine planets and infuse the power of these planets in the lives of a human being with the assistance of these precious stones.

Similarly, red coral gemstones has the competency of evoking the celestial powers of the planet Mars.

Hence, wearing mesmerizing red color coral stone will bring physical strength, passion, enthusiasm, wisdom, intellect and mitigate health problems.

According to astrologers, it is also possible that a person can wear two gemstones together.

However, while wearing two gemstones together, one should be aware of the fact that there are two groups of planets; in a group, a planet’s lie Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter exist and in group b Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu persist.

Therefore, keeping in mind the residence of these planets, one should seek the advice of an astrologer while adopting two gemstones together because wearing two opposite group stones together may evoke negative forces in one’s life.

Thus, while wearing two stone together, one should be extra cautious. Since we are discussing red coral stone in this article;  we would reveal all those stones which are not allow to be wear with red coral gemstone.


Following are Conflicting Gemstones With Red Coral

One should never adopt or wear blue sapphire, cat’s eye, emerald, diamond, and Hessonite with the coral gemstone. All these gemstones belong to planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, and Venus, which are extremely powerful planets. And, possesses the extreme power to bring enormous positive changes in the life of its wearer.

Nevertheless, all these auspicious planets enact in the favor of its wearer only if they have placed in the positive houses of the horoscope . Otherwise, being capable these planets will bring dreadful results in the life of its wearer.

Similarly, as per astrologers, wearing blue sapphire, Hessonite, emerald, cat eye and diamond with coral is not advantageous and furthermore, wearing them with coral may evoke dreadful or unpleasant results in one’s life.

Therefore, one should avoid wearing the conflicting gemstones above-mentioned with coral.

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  1. Is it still harmful it different gemstones are worn in different parts of the body? For example, diamond earrings, emerald ring and coral pendant?

  2. Can I wear blue zircon on my right middle finger and red coral on my right ring finger? Because my other fingers are engaged

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