Red Sponge Coral Stone

What Is Red Sponge Coral Gemstone?

Red Sponge Coral is a type of coral that has an orange-red color. It is not a sponge but its appearance is similar to that of a sponge and is found in water reservoirs.

Sponge Coral is different from Red Coral as the surface of Sponge Coral is smooth whereas the surface of Red Coral is not necessarily smooth.

It’s been found that Sponge Coral species are decreasing and hence they undergo farming techniques due to which we are getting them in large numbers. Sponge Coral is widely used in Jewelers industries and imports to the United States from Asia.

The high-quality Sponge Coral has yellow tinges in them, whereas low-quality specimens have a tint of brown or more area of yellow in them.

These low-quality specimens have low value, but they are highly appreciated in the jewelry industry because of their appearance.

Sponge Coral Stones are also found in black, orange, red and white. Its hardness is the same as that of Red Coral that is 3.5 on the Mohs scale.


How is Sponge Coral Formed?

Sponge Coral is formed by a living organism polyp. Sponge Coral has a tree-like structure, but these corals are pocked with holes because the coral structure is not entirely closed by the polyps and due to which these corals have a sponge-like appearance.

Origin of Sponge Coral Gemstone

They are found in Queensland, Australia, Italy, South China Sea, Red Sea, Taiwan and the Malaysian Coast, the Canary Islands. The Japanese Sponge Coral is famous in the Gemstone market.

Astrological Beliefs of Sponge Coral Gemstone

The Sponge Coral gemstone is associated with Venus and is considered as a magical protector especially for Children. It is a spokesperson of the Sun and is considered as an asset in the Buddhist Scriptures.

In Ancient times Sailor uses this Sponge Coral Stone as a shelter in bad conditions and its colors used to give direction in the Hopi Road of life.

Benefits of Sponge Coral Gemstone:

Physical Healing property:

This gemstone is beneficial for health benefits. It helps the wearer to increase the appetite for food and prevents diseases such as fever, piles, cough, and allergies.

It is useful to cure diseases like jaundice, chickenpox, and pneumonia. Sponge Coral is a good therapy for eyesight and cancers. It helps to regulate the supply of blood to tissues and organs. It is also useful for vitamins, minerals and nutrition absorption.

Emotional Healer

This stone is highly recommended for those who lost their self-confidence. It helps the wearer to regain lost energy, motivation and determination. It enables the wearer to trust himself and to control his emotions.

This stone is very useful to eliminate jealousy and possessiveness in relationships. Sponge Coral is a very good stone for the person who is in depression, as this stone will help them to come out of depression and take new initiatives.

Spiritual Healing Property

This stone encourages the person to accept the life of a cycle without any grudges and live your life with love. It helps the person to understand the link between their emotional state and their ego.

Some people think that this stone is helpful for the wearer to see things in the past and admire the beauty and gifts of the globe.


Chakra Balancing:

1. Sponge Coral Gemstone re-energizes the root and Spleen Chakra because of its orange color that imparts passion, energy, and fertility in the wearer.
2. The Red hue of the Sponge Coral Stone activates the Root chakra that makes the wearer understand his or her purpose in life.
3. The Blue color of Sponge Coral turns on the Third Eye Chakra that helps the wearer to know about his or her capabilities. This gemstone is considered good for making the right judgments.
4. The black color of Sponge activates the Sacral Chakra that makes the wearer more creative and flexible with the carrier.

Sponge Coral Gemstone
Sponge Coral Gemstone

How to take care of Sponge Coral Jewelry Items?

The main Sponge Coral jewelry items include pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets that are in high demand. Since this gemstone is very soft, hence it needs special care.

Always store the Sponge Coral jewelry separately to prevent it from scratches by other jewelry pieces. Clean the Sponge Coral jewelry with a piece of damp cloth and keep it away from sharp blows.

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