Origin and history of Coral Gemstone

Origin And History Of Coral Gemstone


The red coral, gemstone is not exactly a traditional crystalline gemstone that is formed through the creating of rocks under extreme temperatures and pressures inside the earth. On the other hand, coral has organically formed under the sea over thousands of years.

Coral has always been regarded highly in human societies and civilizations. Red coral amulets were found in Neolithic graves in Switzerland that date back to almost 8000 BC. Many samples of coral jewelry were also found in Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, and they were in use somewhere around 3000 BC. Hence, it can be easily said that natural coral stone specimens always enjoy huge popularity in numerous cultures.

Coral production In History

Coral stones were also mentioned by Pliny in Rome and Theophrast us in Greece during ancient times. The unique form and color of coral have not only made them popular for making jewelry items, but also for creating one of a kind sculptures and carvings that can stand out as powerful artworks.

The area close to Torredel Greco in Naples, Italy has been an important center for coral fishing for hundreds of years. More than 70% of the world’s supply of corals comes from this region. The Italian coral stone has also been used time and again in various artworks over the centuries.

The coral fishing centers located in and around the Mediterranean Sea have also helped this region to grow and prosper. You can find some of the best corals in this area whose color varies between red and pink. Commercial variants of coral are also produced these days in China and Japan.

Use of Coral Stone In History

Jewelry items made from coral have been discovered in prehistoric European and ancient Egyptian burial grounds. They were also quite popular during the Victorian age. People in ancient Egypt used to put corals inside the tombs in order to protect an individual against evil spirits that one might come across in the afterword.

The ancients believed that coral stones have divine blood in them which had numerous beneficial properties. There were also powerful coral trading practices carried out between Mediterranean cities and India during the starting phase of the first millennium.

The People of Gaul frequently used coral stones for the purpose of ornamenting their helmets as well as weapons as they believed that it’s a protective stone. The Romans used to hang corals around their necks so as to protect and preserve them from any kind of danger. During the early half of the 20th century, Italian people used coral to cure infertility and for protection from the “evil eye”. Round and triangular red coral stones have enjoyed perennial popularity in these regions.

Coral Stone Beneficial Properties

There are numerous benefits of coral stone which makes it highly valuable for a wide range of needs. From the very beginning, people in various human societies used to believe that corals have got mysterious and sacred powers. Corals often represent wisdom, happiness, modesty, and immortality. These stones can also be used for curing intestinal spasms, sleeplessness as well as problems like bladder stones.

Corals are also believed to be able to get rid of stress, anxiety, fears, nervousness, nightmares, panicking, foolishness, and depression. Corals can also help in ensuring success and wealth for an individual. These stones can strengthen foresight and can be a perfect tool for meditation, spiritual seeking, and visualization.


Buying Coral Stones

When you are looking to buy coral online, it is important that you learn everything that you can about the place from where these stones are being procured. This can help you to ensure that you get the best value for money.

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