Can Yellow Sapphire and Coral Gemstone can be worn Together

Can Yellow Sapphire & Coral Gemstone Be Worn Together?


Yellow sapphire represents the planet Jupiter that is considered the largest and heaviest planet of all. The planet Jupiter signifies luck, fortune, divine. Yellow Sapphire gemstone also is known as Pukhraj in Hindi represents the positive powers of Jupiter. Can red coral and yellow sapphire be worn together?

Coral gemstone related to the planet Mars that is the God of warfare and commander of the armies of the Gods. The coral gemstone represents the energy, vitality, blood circulation of planet Mars and is used to boost the energy of Mars.

Coral gemstone overcomes the effects of Mangal Dosh. This gemstone is suitable for those who are related to professions such as the army, police, doctors.

This gemstone should be worn by those who are suffering from health issues such as stomach pain, blood-related diseases.

Yellow Sapphire is considered one of the most beneficial and popular gemstones among the Navaratnas as it blesses the wearer with huge health, fame, honor, and success.

Pukhraj stone allows the wearer to grow his financial status and give more ideas to earn more money.

Moonga gemstone is also beneficial for a blissful marriage. Also, a yellow sapphire gemstone is beneficial for ladies who are not getting married or those who desire a son.

Yellow Sapphire represents the Planet Jupiter and the red coral gemstone represents the planet, Mars. Both planets are friendly and they work well in combination

These gems work best in the following cases:

  • The blend of these gemstones can be worn when the planet Mars, Jupiter plays a key part.
  • When the two planets are set in the same house, in conjunction or complementing each other.
  • Another case is when Dasha Antra of any of these planets are operating and are valuable.

The combination of red coral and Yellow Sapphire together can be worn by Aries, Scorpio ruled by blemishes, Pisces ruled by Jupiter. A person in whose horoscope both planets are great has a great life and career.


How to Wear Yellow Sapphire and Coral stone together?

  • Pukhraj stone should be about 3.65 carats and the manage stone should be 4.64 carats.
  • One can wear the Coral gemstone on the ring finger and yellow sapphire on the index finger of any hand.
  • The metal that should be preferred is gold or copper.
  • On can wear a single locket of red coral and pukhraj stone in 18k gold or in copper.

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