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Why Coral Gemstone Suits Aries And Scorpio Zodiac Signs?


Why Coral Gemstone Suits Aries And Scorpio Zodiac Signs?

The Red Coral stone is related to the planet Mars. As per astrologers, Mars is one of the most dominating planets. Mars signifies wealth, physical strength, communication, passion, strength, and masculinity.

However, as per astrologers, Mars favor the zodiac sign Aries and Scorpio the most.

So, now the question must emerge in the mind of all those people who are fascinated by the powers of the planet Mars.

Do You Know Why Coral Gemstone Suits Aries and Scorpio Zodiac Sign?

Red coral stone is contemplated to be the birthstone of the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. By birthstone, we mean that a gemstone which is uniquely designated for a specific zodiac sign or month. Similarly, Mars the governing force of the stone coral resides in the positive houses of the individuals of both zodiac signs such as Aries and Scorpio. Thus, it is justifiable to dub Mars blessed red coral stone as the birthstone of the signs Aries and Scorpio.

Being Birthstone of both signs, wearing this stone brings enormous auspicious results in the lives of the individual of both zodiac signs.

Let’s find out the benefits of wearing a red coral stone for Aries and Scorpio.

Red coral stone for Aries:

Being the birthstone of the Aries, red coral stone proves potent and profitable stone for this zodiac sign. It invariably brings love, passion, strength, health, luck, and prosperity for the ascendants of this zodiac sign. Likewise, every person belonging to this zodiac sign can wear this stone.

However, those people in whose birth chart or horoscope Mars stays in the 1st,3rd,5th,7th,8th,9th,11th or 12th house must give this gemstone a try.

Though Mars blessed coral gemstone is a favorite stone for this zodiac sign, still before proceeding ahead to wear this stone, one should consult an astrologer.

Red coral stone For Scorpio:

Same as Aries, in the birth chart of the sign Scorpio Mars, exist in the real and auspicious houses. Therefore, one should wear this gem if he/she is facing trouble in their lives.

An ascendant of the sign Scorpio should wear the red coral stone in case if Mars aligns at these significant houses 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th or 11th. However, before wearing these stone do talk to your astrologer because Mars is a coercive planet. You can’t take a risk with this planet.


What Should Other Zodiac Signs Ascendant Do:

The individuals who belong to different zodiac signs should also wear this stone. The Mars planet benefits are not confined only to these two zodiac signs.

A person irrespective of the signs can also take advantage of this planet. The only condition is that before proceeding ahead, he/she should consult an astrologer to know, where does the planet Mars exists in their birth chart or horoscope.

If it exists in the positive houses, one should go ahead and wear it. On the other hand, if it does not suit you and placed in adverse houses, then you should ask astrologer about how to nullify ill effects of the planet Mars.

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