Red Coral Gemstone history and myths

History And Myths Related To Coral Gemstone

Another name of Red coral is Monga Mars is linked with Red stone which is called the Red Planet. Coral imparts one with courage and confidence in a short time span. It has the capacity of combating the evil effect of Mars and helps in retaining the positive effects, i.e. Healthy and prosperous life.

Coral is also favourable for an individual having Manglik Dosh or has an obstacle is not getting married.

Mars and Red Coral Stone

Mars is an initiative taking the planet and also impart courage. It is a symbol of force, strength, the ability to make decisions with faith. Red Coral is the gemstone of Mars and so it a symbol of that entire Mars stands for and also harnesses the energy of Mars to the maximum.

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral

  • Natural Red Coral gemstone abstains laziness. It helps the individual to take a logical conclusion.
  • It helps avert a delay in ventures. As per Astrology helps to boost confidence, raises self-esteem imparts, courage, and removes fears. It invigorates the wearer.
  • The red Coral is also used in making many Ayurvedic Medicines.

Red Coral addresses Health issues

  • coral has an impact on mental health and  overcoming symptoms of mental depression.
  • It provides energy, vigor, and hope and also imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness. It helps to boost up self-esteem.
  • Also has a wondrous effect of healing it purifies the blood and protects against cuts, bruises, wounds, and injuries.

Locations of Red Coral Gemstone

Coral or Moonga gemstone is found in, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and the western Mediterranean sea.

Japanese Coral

The Japanese Coral is endowed with the power to expand the administrative abilities of a person. It also installs positivity on the wearer by imparting them to fight against the obstacles in the way.

Medical Advantages of Japanese Coral

Japanese Coral has many medical advantages. These are fever, heaps and stomach torments. Coral stone is advised for the individuals confronting communication issues and enthusiastic issues with the society.

Italian Red Coral

Italian Red Coral Gemstone helps to build regulatory abilities and a positive attitude. It takes care of the issues made because of land. Coral stone lifts self-assurance and courage. This stone also talks of planet Mars, which is God of vitality and brings the name, and good fortune.

Comparison of Japanese and Italian Coral

In ancient times. A custom of gifting Japanese corals lady of an hour during mid-marriage was there. This custom was performed in Bengal, Manipur, Assam, Bhutan, and Nepal. Italian Coral is mostly elevated in adornments business. The price of Japanese Gemstone in the adornments business is higher than Italian Gemstone.

History of Coral

Corals are as old as 500 million years and are according to the late Cambrian period and during the Paleozoic era. The evident states that Corals started as simple, solitary organisms but, with changes in their environment, later evolved into the coral reefs.
It appeared during the Devonian period which moves back to around 410 million years ago and started to form reef systems for the first time.


Myths Related to Coral Gemstone

  • The Coral is the calcareous framework of the coral polyp. It is formed by the deposit of colonies of tiny marine animals.
  • It has been used as an adornment since prehistoric times. Coral pieces and ornaments have been discovered in tombs which existed from the Iron Age.
  • coral also holds the history of religious importance which spread from Romans to the Tibetans. Further Coral held high admiration among the Chinese and the Hindus. It was used as an ornament to decorate the images of their gods.
  • During 16th-century people thought a stem of coral could calm an intense hurricane. The Romans also believed that the red Mediterranean coral had magical as well as medicinal properties. Roman children wore coral as necklaces to protect them from danger. It also keeps them healthy.

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