Different Origins Of Precious And Natural Coral Stone

Different Origins Of Precious And Natural Coral Stone

You should know the important facts before buying a coral stone.The coral gemstone is not like traditional gemstones that are formed by rocks enduring extreme pressure. On the contrary, they are organically formed under the sea over a period of thousands of years.

Corals have been regarded highly in all the civilizations, owing to its smooth texture and color. From Greeks to Romans and even Indians, corals have mesmerized one and all.

Consider this, coral jewelry have been found in Neolithic graves in Sweden, and they have been an integral part of Egyptian burials too. They have also been an important part of art forms as they have been used as sculptures.

Origins Of The Coral Stones

Coral fishing is popular in the Mediterranean coastal regions, apart from the coasts of Italy whose coral stone is world-famous. In fact, 70% of the world’s coral supplies come from the Torre del Greco region in Naples.

The Mediterranean corals are known for their diversified color that ranges from red to pink. Corals are also produced commercially in China and Japan these days.

Benefits Of Wearing Corals

Planet Mars govern coral. Corals enhance one’s self-confidence, administrative skills, and perseverance.It is the chief of other 9 planets and is known as Angarak.

It is considered a malevolent planet causing the natives to treat their desires above those of their fellow beings. It is also believed that Red coral reduces mangal dosha, the malefic influence of Mars that causes disharmony in relationships.

Here we are sharing you the list of different origins of precious and natural coral stone below.Different Origins Of Precious And Natural Coral Stone


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