Coral | 4 Easy Ways To Identify The Natural Coral Gemstone

4 Easy Ways To Identify The Natural Coral Gemstone
4 Easy Ways To Identify The Natural Coral Gemstone

Coral is a natural gemstone that is found from the deep of the seas and oceans. The beautiful coral gemstones are found in different colors like red, vermilion, white, purple, scarlet, saffron, and Pink.

Coral Gemstone is produced from the living organisms under the deep of the ocean. The natural coral stone was developed by the collection of the animal skeleton.

Coral is a precious gemstone that is skeletal of remains of a marine polyp. The natural coral stone are produced under 10 feet (ca. 3 m) to 500 feet (0.15 km) deeper in the ocean just because when fleshy skin polyps secrete grabs carbonic substance which results in the growth of coral tree and branches.

95% of the coral gems made up with the formation of Calcium Carbonate and the rest of 3% of coral are magnesium carbonate.

Properties Of Coral Gemstone

Coral is an organic, hard and durable gemstone. It has hardness from 3 to 4 Mohs scale and specific gravity or density of 2.60-2.70. It also has a refractive index from 1.486-1.658. The clarity of the coral stone is translucent to opaque.

It also found in any shape, but in a triangle, oval and round coral stone is used mostly.

If you want to but this natural coral stone you have to aware of fake and synthetic coral stones. Because for the sake of money some people sale synthetic stone at a cheaper price.

Here we are sharing you 4 Easy Ways To Identify The Natural Coral Gemstone.


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different way to identify coral
different way to identify coral

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