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White Coral stone :Price, Benefit and Difference


The white coral gemstone is unique among all types of gems. Strictly speaking, it is not a mineral stone in the real sense. It is organic and found deep in oceans in tropical and sub-tropical countries. Because of its origination in the oceans, it is considered the most ancient gemstones.

The natural corals are generally white, but it is found that they exist in other colors as well, such as natural red and orangish-red. Because of its polyp-like structures, it is not very hard and brittle.

Corals are found in the tropical regions of the Mediterranean Sea and in the Pacific sea off Japan and Taiwan. The countries where it is found are India, Japan, China, Italy, and Tunisia.

According to Vedic Astrology wearing white coral manifests equilibrium between mental and physical energies of the wearer. Coral stone also elevates the confidence and determination in an individual. The early Egyptians used the coral stone to ward off evil from their tombstone.

Coral has no substitute. The energies emitted by coral gemstone is from the planet Mars. The energies fill the individual with seraphic thoughts and banishing depression. The coral is considered as one of the five sacred gems of the Tibetans and American Indians.

Coral in Mythology

Coral was known to have been created when Zeus in Greek mythology cut off Medusa`s head. The droplets of blood that fell spreading across the sea became coral.

Coral gemstone helps in understanding the mystical experiences and brings in a sense of pleasure and self-contentment in life. It symbolizes happiness and joyfulness.

Reaping the Benefits of White Coral

White Coral stone is used in medical astrology. It is organic in nature. The planet Mars is known to rule the bloodstreams of an individual as per Vedic astrology. In general, coral stone helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and xenophobia (fear of the unknown). The immune system is immensely boosted by its aura and helps in regeneration of the same.

It has also been found in certain Ayurvedic texts that the white coral gemstone is prescribed for blood-related diseases as jaundice and ailments particular to the tropical climate. The texts also prescribe healing medicines by pounding this organic stone. Women with miscarriage tendencies are advised to tie a White Coral Stone around their navel after ninety days of conceiving for safe delivery.

Children benefit from the stone as it increases appetite and boosts metabolism. This stone subdues suicidal tendencies and increases self-confidence in oneself. Generally speaking, the wearer is blessed with high energy levels, positive energy, and excellent physical health.

Difference between the Red Coral and White Coral

The fundamental difference between the two corals can be sighted. The name itself suggests the difference. One is white, and the other is red. The red coral is mainly associated with the zodiac sign Aries. The White Coral Stone is associated with Capricorn, Libra, Taurus, and Pisces.

The red coral is prescribed for reducing the Manglik Dasha of an individual. It is known to reduce friction and increase harmony between husband and wife.

Coral as Jewellery

The White Coral Stone is used in the jewelry market in combination with other precious and semi-precious stones. Beautiful necklaces are made from white coral and red coral by alternating each stone in design. Many women prefer wearing the coral as a bracelet also.

Apart from regular rings, earrings are also designed with coral stone. Coral jewelry has intricate designs and is generally handmade. The craftsmanship is unique in creating the pieces.


Value of the White Coral

The price in India of the White Coral Stone starts from 708+ INR per carat. The price varies depending upon the origin and quality of the White Coral Stone in question.
It is important to buy genuine stones to get benefited by the mystical energy surrounding it. The stone which is purchased should be lab certified for knowing its authenticity.

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