How to identify a Natural Coral gemstone and how it can help the wearer?


The history of red coral gemstone

Coral as a gemstone is considered extremely ancient and has been in use since ages. They are available in solid colors and also found in different color zone of swirls, white, pink, orange, and red. They naturally dull but need to be polished for their glossy texture.

Types of corals

Black Coral:

These are marine coral. The black variety of coral is known to belong to the class of the antipatharia family. This has a distinctive black color.

Red Coral:

The another type of marine coral type. Red coral species of corallium rubrum with a naturally colored light pink to deep red color.

Precious Coral:

Also known as the Red coral, it describes the marine coral species Corallium Rubrum. Coral stone has a natural pink to red color and is considered the most desirable gemstone as a jewelry form.

People who want to buy coral gemstone often face some issues for buying gems. They have some doubts regarding the buying of the coral gemstone also they have some questions in their mind like How to identify a Natural Coral gemstone and how it can help the wearer?

Don’t worry we are here to answer you all these questions that are click across your mind. Here we are sharing you some tips below that helps you to identify the coral stone.

How to identify coral gemstones

Here are certain other determinants, which help in deciding whether the red coral gemstone is original or not:

• Coral will be  high quality if it seems to be of the color of ripe wood plant and bale tree.
• The best quality coral are solid in color, without any dark spots, inclusions or smudge
• An original coral is of the color of vermilion or light red in color.
• The real coral will appear smooth and without aberrations under the magnifying glass. Whereas, inferior or low-quality corals are strong and have smudges under the magnifying glass.
• A real coral, when rubbed against the mirror, does not produce any sound. Whereas a synthetic coral, when rubbed against the mirror produces a heavy sound.

Benefits of wearing a coral

It is the gemstone of planet Mars, which boosts one’s morale, administrative skills and perseverance. It is the chief of other 9 planets and its name as Angarak. Red coral also reduces mangal dosha, the malefic influence of Mars that causes disharmony in relationships.

Where are corals mostly Available?

These gemstones are common in saltwater and is available in the subtropical to tropical locations. The areas that yield corals include the Red Sea, Taiwan, and Malaysian coasts. It is also available in the Canary Islands, Australian coast, the Midway Islands, Sardinia, Italy, and Hawaii.


Price of corals

The value of corals depends on their type. There are other factors that help regulate the price. It include level of saturation, size, cut, and its polish or refinement. Red, pink and orange corals are the expensive. Others colors are classified distinctly. Gold color has added value, especially if it has an added sheen. When polished, the color may shine through a transparent layer.
Corals are on the verge of extinction and this was take-in ,in the year 1970 itself. Following this, Pierre Gilson developed “created corals” to help protect the natural variety from destructive harvesting.


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