Red Coral Stone

Why Red Coral Stone Has Unprecedented Demand In Kerala?

The red coral stone is largely popular around India courtesy of its association with the healthy planet Mars. As per Indian astrology, Mars is regarded as being one of the most useful planets.

It has unprecedented power to derive magical benefits in your life. Wearing Mars ruled red coral stone you will be entitled to secure several astrological benefits in your life.

Apparently, the red coral gemstone has a huge demand in all over India, but in Kerala the demand for this stone is vast. People love to wear this stone in different forms of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.

Why there is a huge demand for red coral stone in Kerala:

Since we know that the people of Kerala are extremely theist and they have a strong belief in God. And, as it is already told that the this is affiliated to the planet Mars.

Therefore, people wear this stone in sufficient numbers for the appeasement of the planet Mars in their planet.

Moreover, the other reason is the moderate price of this stone. A red coral gemstone is not a precious stone same as other contemporary stone.

Therefore, a person with a moderate income can also afford this stone. This reason also hikes the demand for this stone in Kerala.


Apart from this, the demand for any product increases only if there is sufficient stock of that product available. This gemstone is available in a plethora quantity that is one of the main reasons why people in Kerala opt to buy this stone.

Astrologers also play a major part in increasing or decreasing the demand for any astrological gemstone. If an astrologer would not recommend it, then, its demand will slump.

On the contrary, if he suggests a person to wear a particular stone stating weak planets in his /her birth chart, then demand will simultaneously boost.

In the case of red-coral, astrologers of Kerala are suggesting people wear this stone to void the ill-effects of planet Mars. This suggestion has increased the demand for red coral stones in Kerala.

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