Red Bamboo Coral

Meaning And Importance Of Bamboo Coral Gemstone

Bamboo coral stone is found under the deep seawater. It is an extremely rare species which are discovered from only a few regions of the world. Gem traders or lovers rarely have knowledge about bamboo coral. The first bamboo coral gemstone was discovered in the year of 2005 on a dozen of seamounts in the Pacific oceans.

Besides this, the other region where this stone is found in abundance quantity is the Gulf of Alaska. A team of geologists after a study estimated the age of bamboo coral is in between 75 years to 126 years.

Meaning and Importance of Bamboo Coral Gemstone are generally, the deepwater coral or bamboo coral is composed of calcium carbonate and its formation is sheer identical to tree branches comprising alternating nodes. Normally the height of a bamboo coral tree is approximately around five feet long with abounding nodes which further contains coral.

Uses of bamboo coral stone:


Bamboo coral stone jewelry items are exceedingly popular among jewelry lovers around the globe. In comparison to red coral stone, the shape of the bamboo coral stone is distant. It is an organic gemstone therefore, it is extremely fragile in nature, and it has been attained 3.5 on MOH scale (a tool which is used to measure the hardness of a mineral or gemstone).

Therefore, while using bamboo coral stone jewelry items extra care should be taken so that it does not get damaged.  Mainly the color of bamboo coral is red, but it is also obtained in other colors such as white, yellow and orange.

Despite being available in different colors the red color bamboo coral jewelry is appreciated by gem lovers of all around the world.  The popular jewelry items of bamboo coral or deep water coral are the red bamboo coral necklace, a red bamboo coral ring, red bamboo coral earrings, etc.

Ecological benefits of bamboo coral stone:

Deep-sea bamboo coral is not only useful for human being though, it also provides strength to the ecosystem of deep seawater which further bring positive changes in the lives of deep sea creatures. The bamboo coral is estimated known to be the first organisms to show the effects of change in the ocean acidification caused by an excess of carbon dioxide.

The gem scholars have found out that some bamboo coral trees have a lifespan of around 4000 years, which can prove an excellent resource for them to unfold the mysteries of humankind and sea life.

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