The Book Of Coral Health Benefits

Read The Book Of Coral Health Benefits



Coral gemstones are made from the leaves of the coral’s leaves. The organic gemstone has a chemical composition of 83% Calcium, 4-5% iron, and 4% Carbonate.

The stone is associated with the planet Mars, which has astrological and therapeutic properties, attributing a lot of positive vibes to the wearer.

It is also said that the stone coral bestows its wearer with the benefits that planet Mars promises of.

Some Of The Chief Health Benefits Of Coral Stones Are:

• It is exceptional in medicinal remedies or curbing blood-related ailments.

• People suffering from blood-related issues can also benefit from the stone

• Those suffering from stomach pain can also benefit from the stone

• Wearing this stone also reduces the chances of miscarriages. In fact, taking the powder of red corals with kewda water proves to be great for a pregnant woman.

• This stone combats cough-related diseases and is good for the lungs

• The corals also remove mental tension and pyorrhea problems

Having said that, there is a way of wearing the coral gemstone, which should be supervised by a certified gemologist. You can buy stones online too, but ensure that they are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

It must be remembered that wearing synthetic corals can bring ill-luck. Therefore, it is important to wear genuine stones made from organic corals leaves. It is, therefore recommended to wear genuine Italian coral stones.

It must also be remembered that the stone should be embedded with copper or gold ring and should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand on Tuesday morning while reciting the following mantra for 108 times:

Oum Ang Angarkayae Namah

It is believed that wearing the red coral stone will produce positive results in the life of the wearer within 9 days of wearing the stone for a span of three years.

The Coral Stone Has To Be Replaced Following The Above-Mentioned Procedure.

Read The Book Of Coral Health Benefits
Read The Book Of Coral Health Benefits


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