Coral Gemstone Beads Markets And Meanings By Gem Expert

Coral Gemstone Beads: Markets And Meanings By Gem Expert

The precious red coral gemstone (Moonga) is one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing gemstones which is being widely worn and praised by all age group people especially women.

The alluring red color stone and brilliant luster of the stone awestruck everyone. The popular jewelry items of red coral stones are red coral rings, red coral necklace, and red coral pendants. The red coral stone is an organic gemstone similar to pearl gemstone.

It is spotted under the seawater on coral reefs which are underwater plants upon which the red coral beads grow. The coral reefs are constituted by tiny marine animals found beneath the sea.  The coral beads are principally composed of calcium carbonate, which is benevolent for bones.

The coral-stone is fragile in nature and on MOH scale, its hardness ranges up to 3.5.  There are two colors in which this stone mainly found red and white. However, the red coral beads are more popular than white coral. The red coral beads are used in various jewelry making items and in many traditions, they are prevalent to use.

As per market research and analysis, the overall uses and significance of red coral beads can be classified into three parts.

Traditional Or Cultural Aspect:

The use of red coral stone is not only confined to modern-day. However, it has been used since ancient times. There were many such incidents and episodes investigated in the past which clearly indicates the use of coral gemstone.

The red coral beads were used in these days for the jewelry’s purpose by emperors and proudly included it in their wardrobe.


Fashion Aspect:

Due to its charming color and physical aspects, people all around the world adore wearing the red coral stone. The beads of red coral are famously being studded or fixed in rings, necklaces, and other jewelry items.

In the course of the recent year, the red coral beads have largely been used for this purpose as per the report of gem marketers.

Astrological Purpose:

The red coral stone or beads have to carry astrological importance as well. It is mentioned the coral beads that when they are worn as ring they derive the mystical power of planet Mars in this stone and enable a person to overcome all challenges of life. As per market reports, this is one of the most important reasons which people state for wearing this stone.

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