Can White Coral and Blue Sapphire Be Worn Together

Can White Coral and Blue Sapphire Be Worn Together?


Can One wear White Coral and Blue Sapphire Together?

A lot of people search on the  Internet whether it’s okay to wear a blue sapphire with a white coral gemstone. The responses or answers have been different every time. That leads to inevitable confusion and doubts in the minds of wearers. We all know that gems can change our luck for good.

They can bring stability in our lives, preserve well being and help dodge the malefic effect of some planets. But it is not secret to the believers either the wrong set of gems can do just the opposite. One can end up courting chaos and ruin into their lives just by wearing two stones together weren’t meant to be.

The doubts about the compatibility between blue sapphire and white coral arise from the fact that the former is one of the strongest gems ever known in Indian Astrology. Blue sapphire can make or break the fortune of a person. Astrologers attribute this to the fact that Lord Shani, the God of Saturn rules over this gemstone making it many times more potent than other gems.

But before shedding list on the compatibility of both, a wearer must know that the blue sapphire has three arch enemies, the Moon, the Sun and the Mars. That said, the blue sapphire is without an argument the wrong stone to go with red coral gemstones.

Normally speaking, blue sapphire is use when person facing  great highs and lows in life and is in real need of it. For most people, this stone is use alone because of its famed volatile structure. Pairing it with any other gem bumps up the risk of destabilizing the potency of the stone.

Gemstones that a blue sapphire does not at all work with are rubies, emeralds, pearl, red coral, diamond, Hessonite and cat’s eye. That’s more than half the number of gems recommended by astrologers. Considering that it’s incompatible with red corals, it is not commonly advised to be worn with a natural white coral. But there are obviously exceptions.

Cases in Which Pairing White Coral and Blue Sapphire Are Favorable?

There are some selective cases in which these two stones are use together. Bringing white coral together with blue sapphire can produce great results in certain conditions. Although a lot of skepticism prevails around the idea of wearing both at the same time. It is highly effective in cases like those mentioned below.

1. When in person birth chart Jupiter and Mars are the vital planets.
2. There is another condition when more than one planet occupies the same house.
3.Buy white coral and blue sapphire together when it is prescribed for a planet’s Dasha Antara which is valuable and operating.


Things to Note

While wearing a white coral with blue sapphire it should be borne in mind that the results hang on the carats as much as the choice of the gems. Remember that the ideal carat weight of a pukhraj or yellow sapphire depends on person current body weight. 1/10 of the body weight equal to the 0.6 carat .

So, it behooves a user if they stick to the size requirements. As for the correct fingers, the yellow sapphire goes on the index finger whereas Coral is good for ring fingers. If advised, you can wear both the stones in rings in different fingers or in one locket. Hang it from your neck chain or wear them in your fingers, as long as it’s comfortable for you.

As for the metal, gold or copper are the best metal for white coral and blue sapphire .

Depending upon your particular case, your astrologer will recommend you to wear them in either metal.

The positive effects of both the stone manifest greatly in contact with gold and copper. That gives buyers of both the kinds of budget the opportunity to make the most of their gems without stretching their finances too much.

You can now buy coral online for competitive prices. Moonga price online is normally lower than those at gemstone and jewelry stores across states. So, there is a fair bit of chance that you save big on your gems if you bought them online. Blue sapphires are normally on the expensive side whereas white corals are available at a moderate price.

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