Whether One Can Wear Used Red Coral Gemstone Or Not?


Due to unawareness surrounded around the right way of using most of the gemstones. People often ask that whether they should buy or wear used coral gemstone (Moonga Stone) or any other gemstone.

Since coral is an important gemstone which occupies both aesthetical values as well as astrological significance. The stone is being attached to the potent planet Mars.

Mars often stated being the commander of the chief among all the planets because of its meritorious attributes and exemplify the advantages which it endows to its wearer.

Hence, by scrutinizing the massive advantages of wearing coral gemstone while wearing this stone no compromise should be done with the quality of the red coral.

Mars signifies wealth, passion, love, cruelty, anger, health and passion. Now coming back to the original question whether one should wear used gemstone or not.

So the answer to this question is ‘no’, one should not wear used gemstone. The reason behind this statement is quite reasonable since gemstones are known to grasp the rays of their respective planet and use these rays to empower the planet in the horoscope of a person.

Therefore, wearing a used coral (moonga stone) or any other gemstone will contain the auspicious impacts of planets as per the horoscope of the previous wearer. Wearing a used gemstone may backfire because the situation which suited the previous wearer may not suit a new user.

Along with this, a pre-used gemstone lost most of its compelling attributes and power because a stone can produce favorable results for a confined period of time. Thus, wearing this stone after a defined period of time won’t prove auspicious even it may prove disastrous.

Therefore, mostly this practice is discouraged by the proficient astrologers and well-reputed gemologist. Besides this, if someone wants to wear used red coral gemstone or moonga stone, then he/she should wear the stone by borrowing it from their close relatives like real brothers, wife, mother, father etc..

Before wearing a used coral stone do seek the advice of an astrologer. Do not wear it without their permission because wearing used gemstone may bring dreadful results in your life.

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