Coral Stone or Moonga in Hindi correlates with the relentless planet the Mars. The Mars Planet signifies the boldness, anger, belligerent, bestiality, self-confidence, physical strength.

The coral gemstone generates ill-effect if it is being positioned in the negative houses of a native. Especially, Mangal dosh and malefic Mars engender various serious problems in the life of a human being.

How To Wear Coral Gemstones?

Seek the advice of a competent astrologer deliberately before opting for the mars blessed coral gemstone. The reason behind the facts is that if mars dwell at positive houses in the birth chart of a person can bring enormous benefits to its wearer. Otherwise, if it is positioned negatively can bring harmful results to its wearer.

  • The coral or moonga stone should ideally weight around 6 ratti or carat. The ideal weight of this stone should vary in between 6 to 12 carat.
  • The best optimal day to purchase a red coral stone is Tuesday during the Shukla Paksha. However, if not possible, then it should be purchased during Sunday during (ascending Moon cycle).
  • To obtain best astrological benefits of wearing of moonga stone. The stone is either studded in gold ring or silver ring. Moreover, it could also be an optimum solution to embed the stone in the mixture of silver and gold.
  • The ideal time to subscribe the stone is one hour before the sunrise to till 11:00 AM.
  • In order to wear the ring in an appropriate manner, a person should sit fronting the east direction. To cleanse the negative energies away from the stone drench the stone in Gangajal or cow milk for the entire night. Extract the stone and put it on a red color cloth on which the mars yantra is drawn.
  • Burn 5 incenses and circulates it around the stone reciting the following mantra for 108 times.

                                     “Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum”

  • Now wear the ring on the ring finger of the right hand. The red coral stone initiates to reflect its result after one month from the day it is worn till four years.

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  1. Hi,
    I just need ur help I purchased Red coral in triangle shape after consulting my pandit ji, he did mantra puja for it. I wored it on Tues mrng before 0700 am, but after sometime I realized some change in me as negative thoughts were coming more in me, was becoming aggressive, upset etc. So I removed it & kept it in a box, after 2 to 3 days later again on tuesday I wored it in mrng. So wanted to know why that change in me happened & after removing once its puja effects will go? Do I need to do the Coral puja again to gain its benefits?

    Namita Goel

    1. Thanks Namita. if you feel negativity to wear this Kindly consult again to astrologer if you wanna Your Gemstone Report from us kindly go through this Link. and if you removed wearing again. you can also follow all rituals as you did before its On you. once you did so its ok too. for more call us on +91-9216112244

  2. Namsakar Rajnesh ji,

    A couple of weeks back I consulted one astrologer who suggested me to wear moonga of more than 3.5 karat and triangular shape.So I brought 4.2 karat coral and made a ring out of silver. Now am not able to meet the same astrologer bcz of his time constraints. I would like to follow your method/procedure of wearing the coral ring. While browsing I read somewhere that the coral should not be bought on saturday (unfortunately I bought it on saturday). I would like to know if it has any malefic effects on me. I know am sounding very superstitious but I would like to get my doubts cleared by you.

    Best regards,
    Sanjay Kumar

    (DOB: 06 Nov 1983; 4:12 am, Hyderabad place)

    1. Namsakar Sanjay ji .

      You bought it now so chill just. Now just follow other rituals believe in God. he will help you in all

      May God bless You

      1. Thank you so much for your wishes. I reciprocate the same. I have a very specific question for you. How does the karat and shape of the coral matter. I was wondering why my astrologer suggested me to wear 3.5 karat coral having triangular shape. And what is the significance of Angaraka dosh and marriage ritual (before the actual marriage) for angaraka marriage.

        Thanks again for clarifying the queries.

      2. Thanks Sanjay there are more Vedic Astrology Facts behind wearing Stone Your body weight and Problem is the main thing behind the weight and shape of stone. other things You must need to concern with a Astrologer if You need any help call us on +91-9216116688

  3. I don’t know my birth date as I am adopted. So please recommend me any gemstone for betterment of my life. Also please suggest how to select gemstone without birth date.

    1. Thanks Aishwarya, in this Cause you can consult Your local Astrologer or if u wanna Professional Expert advise call us on +91-9216116688

  4. is red coral or Mooga are same,

    what is the exact method to wear.

    is panditji is required for whole rituals

  5. thanks Rajnesh.. but I wore it without immersing it in cow,s milk or ganga jal, on the other hand… I had done matnr ucharan & given gud to cow….even then If it will be less effective…. What can I do now… can i wear it again..???..PLZ let me know

    1. No worry Dear so just chill if You wanna do it again and also if u did other rituals let it. Just believe in God he will make things possible. God Bless you

  6. hello sir,

    a pandit ji advice me to wear a moongato me. sir i want to know that how to identify that the moonga i am going purchased is real and of best quality, because there many cheater are available in market who cheats with us believes. please try to reply me quick.

    1. Thanks Lalit You can Buy mooga from us 100% Natural Certified Moonga from Us Call us for more details +91-92161112244

    1. Dear jimmy there are more things before wearing any Gemstone and you also wanna wear Moonga with any sapphire. I will suggest you confirm from a expert which gemstone suits u then go for it. If You wanna Get Your Birthstone report plz go through this Link submit Your information our team will give You all answer of Query. call us for Quick response on +91-9216112244

    1. Dear Payal if You have to wear any stone concern with your astrologer he will recommend a Stone for You which will suit you and help you in success and for better future. Kindly go through this link fill your details our Expert will give you answer. call us for More details +91-9216112244

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