Important Facts About Red Coral Gemstones

Important Facts About Red Coral Gemstones


The red coral stone is an important gemstone that is associated with Mars. This makes it ideal for people born under the signs of Aries and Scorpio. Also known as ‘Laal Moonga’, it is held in very high esteem according to ancient Vedic astrology. The red coral stone has the same kind of energies that are associated with its ruling planet Mars.

This means that wearing the red coral stone can provide a person with courage, positive energy, mental concentration and good health. The natural coral stone can also ensure success in career and bring prosperity. If Mars is weak on the natal chart, the red coral stone can be helpful for remedying issues that are caused by that.

One of the ways in which Mars can create problem in our lives is by making things difficult in our marriage. If your astrologer considers you “Mangalik” by considering the position of Mars in your natal chart, then he or she may recommend you to wear a red coral.

The astrologer may also recommend you to wear the red coral if you are having certain kinds of health problems.

Here are some of the benefits of coral stone that you must consider while wearing it. It is important that you only get authentic natural coral stone from a reliable and trusted source.

The Benefits Of Wearing Coral Gemstone

• Wearing the red coral stone can actually help you to overcome and defeat your enemies. The stone can offer you mental strength and courage which can make it easier for you to face challenges and hurdles in life with a renewed enthusiasm.

• This stone is a powerful antidote against any kind of lethargy which is basically nothing but mental laziness. If you are struggling with bouts of anxiety, depression or some other kind of mental issues, you should definitely wear the red coral stone.

• The stone can really help you to work on your self esteem and determination which can ensure success on all facets of life.

• The stone can also offer protection against black magic and the evil eye.

• The red coral stone can heal different types of skin conditions like acne and boils.

• Red coral can also be worn for purifying the blood.

• If you are experiencing difficult phases of your life, you must wear this stone in your ring finger. It can also help to remedy the Mangalik dosha. If you are facing trouble with your wife, you can solve them with a red coral.

• This stone is also ideal for overcoming debts and losses as well as boosting your wealth and financial status.

• A malefic Mars can cause a lot of health problems such as smallpox, fever, headaches, piles and loss of vitality and sexual vigor. It can also lead to blood cancer, kidney troubles, anemia, hernia, asthma, paralysis and grouts. In such cases, wearing the red coral stone can be particularly beneficial for you. The red coral stone can also offer complete healing from menstrual problems, rickets, appendicitis, breathing troubles and gallstones.


Important facts to remember while buying a red coral stone

The red coral stone is not a very hard stone and so you should find a source that can provide you with a product that offers you lasting performance for many years.

Make sure that you consult a reputable astrologer who can look through your birth chart and recommend you a red coral so that it works perfectly for you. Italian red coral is the best. You should also ask the gemstone provider about the best ways to take care of this stone.

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