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How Manglik Dosh Effects Marriage And Its Remedies?


Manglik dosha has a drastic effect on its wearer life. A person who suffers from Manglik dosh or severe mangal dosh faces huge difficulties in his/her life.

It is said that a misplaced Mars would introduce lots of trouble in its wearer life and leaves no opportunity to disturb him/her both physically & mentally.

Since mangal dosh brings a lot of adversities in an individual life, but the most significant adversity for which it is famous about is marriage problem. A Manglik person is whether he is a boy or girl find it extremely hard to tie-knots.

If in case they neglect mangalik dosha and marry someone of their choice, then as per astrologer the severe planet Mars puts the life of Manglik person’s life partner in danger.

Therefore, people fear this fierce dasha. And look up to some astrological solution or remedy of Mangalik Dosha.

Manglik Dosha is a critical situation in one’s horoscope. Under this situation, Mars align at most negative houses of one’s birth chart. For instance: if Mars is categorically aligned in your birth chart, then you are affected by this condition.

However, most people get depressed or when they hear about being Manglik. And they get anxious whether they will get married in their life or not.

So, first of all, we would like to disclose it to you that being Manglik does not mean that you can’t get married in your life.

It may also possible in some cases that being Manglik aids you to find the best match, and it may bring fortune, prosperity, and happiness in your life, But it happens on rare occasions.

Nonetheless, you should never allow this thought to cross your mind that being Manglik means that you would not get married.

There are various remedies available in astrology, which can help you to overcome serious Manglik Dosha. Astrologers suggest a person follow several guidelines which can protect them against Mangal dosh and can void its dreadful effects.


To nullify the bad effects of Mars astrologers often suggests people of wearing red coral stone. It is said that red coral stone possesses the divine forces of the planet Mars.

And wearing it in the form of a ring, necklace and other jewelry items will reduce the atrocious effects of planet Mangal. Therefore, one must wear red coral stone to void the dreadful effects of misaligned mars.

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  1. i am married with mangalik women.whole past life has been quarrelesome and sadful.she is under infidelity .it,s beyond tolerance my life is goin to end. please send a remedy of that otherwise destruction of my life is definite……..
    my DOB 25 may 1977 (jhunjhunu ,rajasthan, india) Time 22.55 pm
    Wife DOB 11 july 1981 (Khetri Rajasthan india) Time 4.00 am

    1. Your problem is very critical you have to consult with an expert. Kindly contact on WhatsApp helpline number +91 9216113388.

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