Manglik Dosh

8 Most Successful Remedies To Mitigate Manglik Dosh


Eliminate your fears and doubts about the remedy for Mangalik Dosh. In Hindu mythology, Mangal Dosha is a celestial mix that happens if Mars (Mangal) is present in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth place of the ascendant birth chart or horoscope. A man conceived within the sight of this condition is termed a Manglik.

A man who’s mangalik faces a great deal of trouble as far as marriage. According to astrologers,  a Manglik individual ought to tie the knot with a Manglik then the impact of dosh counterbalanced.

Some of the astrologers believe that implying some useful remedies help in nullifying the ill-effects of Mangal Dosh.

There are several fake astrologers out in the world that instills fear in the mind of a normal human being about the mangalik dosh.

Overall, it is justifiable to say that mangalik dosh has been overhyped by everyone surrounding us. It is treatable and there are several useful remedies available in astrology that help to overshadow the miserable effects of mangal dosha. Let’s take a look at the

Remedy for Manglik dosh

In any case, one doesn’t have to stress over the evil impacts of this dosha as there are sure cures that assisted in the cancelation of the negativity of Mangal. There are sure ceremonies and mantras that can be followed to mitigate its bad impact. Here is a list of them

Marriage between two Manglik people

If both the accomplices are Mangliks then this dosha gets cancel. All its evil impacts are scratched off and the two can have a favored and prosperous married life.

Red Coral Gemstone:

To nullify the Manglik dosh one can take the assistance of the red coral gemstone. The red color brilliant coral stone astrologically affiliates with the planet Mars. It is believed that this stone preserves the positive powers emitted by the planet Mars within it.

And wearing this stone will help to kill the negative dosh of Mangal (Mars planet). To kill or ward-off mangal dosh one should wear a natural certified red coral gemstone ring in the third finger of the right hand on Tuesday Morning. To know more detail read: Wearing method of red coral gemstone


Out of the number of cures fasting on Tuesdays is successful cure. Manglik people who observe fast on this day ought to eat just toor daal (split pigeon daal).


Manglik people should chant the Nava Graha mantra to void the negative effects of mangal dosha. Its pacifies the wrongly position of mangal in one’s horoscope and leads him/her to live a content life thereafter.

Performing Pujas in Temples

Visiting Navgraha temples diminish the evil impacts created by Mangal Dosha. In any case, there are just a couple of temples in the entire of India that performing puja for Lord Mangal. The most well-known temples are situated in Tamil Nadu. There are many temples in Guwahati, Assam.

The Traditional Rules Of Remedy For Manglik Dosh. Playing out these pujas on Tuesdays is extremely compelling to decrease the evil impacts of Mangal Dosha. Visit a Lord Hanuman sanctuary and love him on Tuesdays. Offer vermilion and desserts. Additionally, light a ghee light at the sanctuary.

An arrangement of Mars in the horoscope

Astrologers assert that if the main house is of Aries or Mesh in one’s horoscope chart, and Mars or Mangal lives in this house, then the Mangal Dosha is no more compelling, as Mars is in its own particular house-Aries.


Kumbh Vivah a remedy for Manglik Dosh

When one individual is Manglik in a marriage, the negative impacts of Mangal dosha can reduce by playing out this custom called Kumbh Vivah. As indicated by Hindu Vedic Astrology a Manglik individual can wed a Banana tree, Peepal tree, or a silver/brilliant icon of Lord Vishnu.

Offerings and commitments as a remedy for Manglik Dosh

While we discuss remedy for Mangalik dosh, making commitments on Tuesdays .A few protests also recommending to offer to please Mars are swords or blades, nourishment like red lentil daals (masoor daal), wheat bread, red silks, and red stones, for example, corals.

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