What Are The Health Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Stone?

What Are The Health Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Stone?What Are The Health Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Stone? A red coral stone (Moonga) is an organic stone that is originated from sea water. The delicate red color coral stone is harvested inside the seawater from the leaves of coral reefs. A coral stone is the composition of calcium 83 percent, 4-5 percent iron, and 4 percent carbonate.

And the rest of the organic material which is near about 8 percent. The stone coral as per astrological studies is affiliate with the dominant planet Mars, which attains competent astrological and healing properties which incorporate to bestow its wearer mammoth of physical and mental benefits.

As far as physical advantages are concerned, this stone coral a representative of mars on the earth assists in healing serious health diseases. On the basis of that, let’s see what are the health benefits of wearing red coral stone?

  • The red coral stone proves excellent in healing or curbing all blood-related diseases. If an individual who suffers from high blood pressure problem wears this stone can annihilates all blood-related problems.
  • This stone proves panacea if a person is suffering from stomach pain.
  • Taking the powder of red coral with kewda water will prove benign for pregnant women. Since wearing this stone reduces the miscarriage chances.
  • The red coral stone should be worn if a person is suffering from a cough problem. This stone combat against all the cough related diseases.
  • The red coral stone proves also benevolent if this stone is worn in hand to annihilate the piles’ problem, baldness related problem.
  • Wearing red coral stone also aids in removing mental tensions and pyorrhea problem.

How To Wear Red Coral Stone:

  • Thus, coral gemstone also known as Moonga in Hindi should be wear if a person is suffering from any of the above-mention diseases. The red coral stone (Moonga) only reflects its effective positive powers if a user purchases and wear a natural coral stone.
  • Since wearing a synthetic coral stone will instead of bringing any positive results to initiate to work against its wearer. Therefore, a person should subtly analyze every aspect of the stone before wearing this stone.
  • Along with that, a person must know how to wear a red coral stone intact fully. By intact fully we mean that a person should be aware of the method of wearing coral stone. Generally, the coral stone should be Italian red coral stone.
  • Since Italian red coral is establish as the best quality coral stone. The auspicious gem coral should be embed with copper or gold ring in the ring finger of the right hand on Tuesday morning while reciting the following mantra for 108 times.
  •  ॐ अं अंगारकाय  नम:
  • The red coral stone will commence showing its positive or negative results in the lives of its wearer within 9 days till 3 years.

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  1. I am wearing emerald but need red coral also for stomach problems .. both are not advised to wear same time .. can you please advise .. what is alternate thing for red coral which I can do while wearing emerald ..
    Sunil Bakshi

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