What are the various factors which determine the price of red coral stone?

Factors To Determine The Price Of Red Coral Gemstones

Red coral gemstones are a powerhouse of astrological energies, which channelize this energy to work in favor of good luck to the wearer. The biggest question in the mind of everyone is what weight of Red coral should I wear? Many Astrologer mixes different trends to give suggestion regarding the weight of Red coral, some astrologer uses Numerology to decide the weight of red coral, while some astrologer decides the weight of coral gemstone according to the weight of the wearer.While determining the price of Red coral there are many factors like price, color, weight, etc. are considered by the gem seller.

It’s very hard to understand on the buyer’s point of view how these factors are reliable for setting the price of Red coral and it is also hard to understand how price varies for the same size of the red coral gemstone. If some are interested to buy certified coral gemstone and understand how the price of red coral gemstones and other gemstones are decided, then you must read the following factors to determine the price of red coral gemstones –


By inclusion, we mean the occurrence of a foreign substance in the structure of the stone. The stone which has a large number of inclusions considered a low-quality stone.

The reason behind that the stone which has the largest number of inclusions, lack of the natural or original substance. On the other stone which has less number of inclusions, considered a good quality of the stone.


Coral Gemstones which originates from Italy, contain a large number of features, that’s why Italian Red coral is sold at a high price. By comparison with a different origin, Italian corals are best.


The word color in the world of Gemstones is not so simple. This is one of the main features which affect the price of Red coral. The Color of a gemstone is made up of huge saturation and Hue Tone.

A red coral stone which has rich in color and unique luster is being sold out at a high price whereas others which have less attractive in color sold at low price.



This is one of the other important factors which affects the price of Red coral. The rate of stone increase as the clarity of the stone is increased.

Cut/ Shape:

The cut and shape of red coral also very important during deciding the price. Exotic, and unusual shapes, like round, Pear, triangular red coral etc. are priced at a premium as shaping the gems into these shapes leads to more wastage of the raw material/gem roughs.

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