Krishan Sharma Ji

Astrologer, PGD in Astrology

Krishan Sharma Ji brings more than twenty-five years of experience in astrology and horoscope readings. It is hisKrishan Sharma Ji expertise, along with his eagerness to share his knowledge, that set him apart.

He guides people to explore their own lives through Vedic Astrology. Unlike a psychic, he works with people’s birth charts.

As an accomplished Astrologer, He thrives on sharing what he knows and motivating others to learn about Astrology, in his hope that everyone would discover this excellent source of knowledge and tool for a purposeful life.

In addition to consulting, He has developed his own Astrology Data Base and prepares birth chart reports and yearly transit reports for his clients.

A postgraduate of Astrology, Krishan Sharma Ji has achieved the highest level of certification in Astrology.

If you have any query about astrological gemstone or gem suggestions as per your Vedic chart, Please contact him at [email protected]. You will get a reply within 24 hours of your query.

Note: Gem recommendation and Consultation to the astrologer is not a free service. Send your query to  [email protected]


Pandit Girish Kumar Sharma

Astrologer,  [email protected]

Pandit Girish Kumar Sharma Ji

Pandit Girish Kumar Sharma is not like ordinary Astrologer where predictions are based on principles of that particular subject, but he is something very unique and offering the service to entire India and abroad. He is specialized in horoscope predictions, career forecast, health-related queries, marital compatibility for prosperity and success in your life.

The services are available in the fields like Vastu, Janam Kundali, Gemstones Remedies Specialist, Relationship Problems Solutions, Relationship Problem Solution, Wealth Problems, Mangal Dosha Sade Sati Report, Janam Patri (New Born Child), Baby Names Recommendation, Marriage Prediction, Child Birth Issue, Lucky Gemstone Recommendation with years of experience.

Note: Gem recommendation and Consultation with the astrologer is not a free service. Send your query to [email protected]


Rajnesh Sharma Ji

Astrologer, Gemologists, GIA certified

Rajnesh Sharma Ji is a GIA certified Gemologist with over 8 years of experience in every area of Pandit Rajnesh Sharma 9Gemthe astrology and gem recommendations. For the past 5 years, he has also been working as Senior Gemologist with the largest gemstone supplier group in India who sell natural certified gemstones worldwide. He is a frequent contributor to the many gem blogs and magazines from last 5 years.

Since the early 2010’s, Rajnesh Ji has been guiding his customers like jewelers, Vedic Astrologers and their clients all over the world for untreated Jyotish gemstones. His mission is to provide the right gems to the right people for the right purpose, for the betterment of his customers and the world.

Note: Gem recommendation and Consultation with the astrologer is not a free service. Send your query to [email protected]