Red Coral Gemstone Suitability As Per Each Rashi Or Zodiac Sign!

By | July 24, 2017



Gemstones play an important role in our life, especially for those who believe in Astrology. For them Gemstones nothing less than God’s Grace! They respect the Gemstones, cares and follow all the rituals with respect to their gemstone just like as we take care of any living being.

But, we are human beings, if we take such care for something; definitely in return we want some something too. So here comes the beneficial part, we are doing it because wearing and caring for gemstone will bring richness, success and prosperity in our life.

Red Coral / Monga Gemstone

However, every gemstone is not for success but Coral Gemstone is; whether it’s Red Coral Gemstone, White Color or any other color. They all related to Mars (3rd planet of our Solar System) which also known as the ruler of our 9 planets. It’s an organic gemstone that originates under the sea from the remains of coral leafs.

Red Coral Gemstone according to Astrology

If you know a little-bit about Astrology, you might have known that each person belongs to a specific gemstone according to its Astrological Chart. You can’t just wear a random gemstone because it may leave a worse impact on your life.

So, according to Indian Vedic Astrology, Coral Gemstone is a birthstone for March, April, October and November. Although Coral gemstone best suits to those who have Mars ruling in any auspicious house of their birth chart. This means a person having strong mars can wear this stone for their welfare.

Coral gemstone suitability as per Zodiac Signs

But what about Zodiac Signs or Rashis! The do hold significance in one’s life. So, let’s discuss how Red Coral Gemstone will act for each Rashi.

1. Aries (Mesha Rashi):

The people having Aries as their Zodiac Sign should always wear Red Coral Gemstone because the Mars act as a ruler in the birth chart of these people. And when the Mars is ruling your birth chart, along with the support of Red Coral you don’t need to worry about anything. This will give you the success you never imagined. Health, wealth, strength, passion will always stand with you.

2. Taurus (Vrishab Rashi):

In Taurus Zodiac Sign, Mars act as a ruler, but not in any auspicious house. Like, in Taurus Mars is the ruler of 7th and 12th house of one’s birth chart. So it won’t be beneficial for those Taurus people to wear Red Coral Gemstone. However, if they want to try, they can wear it when the major period of Mars will arrive in their birth chart.

3. Gemini (Mithuna Rashi):

In Gemini Zodiac Sign, Mars rules over 6th and 11th house of one’s birth chart. These houses are also not considered as auspicious houses for Mars. So wearing Red Coral while having Gemini Zodiac sign is not feasible! One should avoid wearing Red Coral.

4. Cancer (Karka Rashi):

In Cancer Zodiac Sign, Mars rules 5th and 10th house of one’s birth chart. These houses are very auspicious with the respect to Mars ruling. If the person with a Cancer Zodiac sign wears Red Coral, then they will feel marital bliss along with fortune and intelligence. Furthermore, if they wear Red Coral and Pearl combination then their health and wealth grow even more.

5. Leo (Simha Rashi):

In Leo Zodiac Sign, Mars rules 4th and 9th house of one’s birth chart. Just like Cancer, these houses are also very auspicious for Mars. They will not only get all the cancer ascendants benefits, but also they will get hold over various land properties which leads to more added fortune in their lives.

6. Virgo (Kanya Rashi):

People of Virgo Zodiac sign should avoid wearing Red Coral because it will leave adverse impact on their life. In this Zodiac sign Mars rules over 3rd and 8th house which are way far from any benefit with respect to Mars ruling.

7. Libra (Tula)

In Libra Zodiac Sign, Mars rules over 2nd and 7th house of one’s birth chart. These people should also avoid wearing Red Coral because of Libra’s ascendant Venus. Mars and Venus both are enemies to each other. However, they can wear Red Coral when the major period of Mars will arrive in their birth chart. At that moment Red Coral will be very beneficial for these people.

8. Scorpio (Vrischika)

Just like Aries, Mars also rules the birth chart of Scorpio people. So wearing Red Coral will also prove very helpful to these people. It will bring prosperity in one’s life. No bad eyes will ever harm to these people.

9. Sagittarius (Dhanu)

In Sagittarius, Mars rules over 5th and 12th houses of one’s birth chart. These houses are somehow auspicious to Mars. So, Sagittarius people can wear Red Coral especially when the Mars is at its major period in 5th house. It will bring material bliss, one’s should be blessed with children, name& fame will also be there.

10. Capricorn (Makara)

In Capricorn, Mars rules 4th and 11th house of one’s birth chart. These people can wear Red Coral only when there is a major period of Mars. At that time, Capricorn people will be blessed with domestic harmony, happiness and gains of wealth. New properties will also be built.

11. Aquarius (Kumbha)

Aquarius people can wear gemstone only when the major period of Mars is arrived. In Aquarius, Mars rule 3rd and 10th house of one’s birth chart. At that moment wearing Red Coral will bring success in the professional field. There are many chances of your promotion.

12. Pisces (Meena):

In Pisces Zodiac Sign, Mars rules over 2nd and 9th house of one’s birth chart. These two houses are very auspicious with respect to Mars ruling. Wearing Red Coral by Pisces people will bring prosperity and success. Furthermore, they can also wear Red Coral if their Mars is distress in their birth chart.

Note: Above written all assumptions are advised by astrologers assuming favorable condition of one’s planets in their birth chart. So before reaching to any sudden decision must contact with any certified astrologer.

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