Origin And History Of Red Coral Gemstone

By | January 17, 2017

Coral is one of the most ancient gems that is widely used in jewelry for thousand of years. Coral is formed by the marine animals living in the sea known as coral polyps. The skeleton of coral polyps made a cluster and form colonies, reefs or islands. Coral jewelry was first made by the Ancient Egyptians and European burials and it become popular in the Victorian age.

During Mesopotamiam civilization (3000 B.C) coral was very popular in India and was used mainly in making ornaments. At that time the popularity of coral was very less in Europe.

Story of Origin of Coral Gemstone:

The word Coral is derived from Greek word ‘Gorgeia’. The history of coral is based on the story of Perseus, who was the greatest Greek Hero and the slayer of monsters. Medusa who was the sea monster was sent to kill Andromeda who was the daughter of A Ethiopian king Cepheus.

But she was saved by the Greek Hero Perseus, who killed the sea monster Medusa. Then he took the Medusa’s head and put it on the riverbank. After some time he observed that the blood from Medusa’s head turned the seaweed into Red Coral.

Historical Believes of Red Coral Gemstone

Poseidon considered Red Coral as a lucky gemstone and live in the palace that is made of Coral gemstones. Hephaestus, who was the Greek God of craftsmen, blacksmiths, artisans made his first work from Coral. In the 16th century there was a belief that the sprig of Red or white coral can calm a strong tempest.

According to the Roman people, the Red Coral stone was a good remedy for snake bites. They believed that this stone had magical medicinal properties that can cure wounds made by the scorpions. The Roman Children used to wear coral necklace to protect from any disease and keep them healthy.

In ancient times Victorian babies who belong to healthy families had teething rings made of coral. In Itlay Coral gemstone was considered as a protector from evil eye and as a cure of infertility for women.

The Great Barrier Reef of Northern Australia is the most famous Coral reef that extends for more than 1250 miles. The color of Coral varies from bright red to pink, orange-red and to black, blue. Red Coral is more appreciated than other type of Corals. Coral exists in warm water from 20 to 1000 feet deep.

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