Coral Gemstone Protects The Wearer From Black Magic

The word Coral is derived from Greek word ‘Gorgeia’ and is one of the ancient gems and is considered as the gemstone of the planet Mars. Mars is the God of warfare and planet of energy, vitality and ambition. It is often said that Coral gemstone helps the person from the black magic and the… Read More »

Can Yellow Sapphire & Coral Gemstone Be Worn Together?

Yellow sapphire represents the planet Jupiter that is considered as the largest and heaviest planet of all. The planet Jupiter signifies luck, fortune, divine. Yellow Sapphire gemstone also known as Pukhraj in Hindi represents the positive powers of Jupiter. Coral gemstone related to the planet Mars that is God of warfare and commander of the… Read More »

Origin And History Of Red Coral Gemstone

Coral is one of the most ancient gems that is widely used in jewelry for thousand of years. Coral is formed by the marine animals living in the sea known as coral polyps. The skeleton of coral polyps made a cluster and form colonies, reefs or islands. Coral jewelry was first made by the Ancient… Read More »

What Is Red Sponge Coral Stone?

Red sponge Coral is a type of coral that has an orange red color. It is not a sponge but its appearance is similar to that of a sponge and is found in water reservoirs. Sponge Coral is different from Red Coral as the surface of Sponge Coral is smooth whereas the surface of Red… Read More »

Italian Vs Japanese Red Coral Gemstones

Coral gemstone is an organic stone that is formed from living organisms known as polyps. This stone is made of hardened skeleton of polyps called as calcium carbonate with hardness of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Its specific gravity is 2.60-2.70 with a refractive index of 1.486-1.658. Coral gemstone is found in Japan,… Read More »

Why Red Coral Stone Has Unprecedent Demand In Kerala?

The red coral gemstone is largely popular around India courtesy to its association with healthy planet Mars. As per Indian astrology, Mars is regarded being one of the most useful planets. It has unprecedented power to derive magical benefits in your life. Wearing Mars ruled red coral stone you will be entitled to secure several… Read More »

How Manglik Dosh Effects Marriage & Remedy To Nullify Manglik Dosh

Manglik dosha has a drastic effect on its wearer life. A person who suffers from Manglik dosh or severe mangal dosh faces huge difficulties in his/her life. It is said that a misplaced Mars would introduce lots of trouble in its wearer life and leaves no opportunity to disturb him/her both physically & mentally. Since… Read More »

The Therapeutic Power of Red Coral Stone

The distinctive color and compelling metaphysical and healing properties of the red coral or moonga stone have significant importance in the emergence of this stone. Besides, its sterling red color, coral gemstone is also illustrious due to the its magical healing and therapeutic properties. Some of below mentioned healing and therapeutic properties of red coral… Read More »