Coral Gemstone (Moonga)

About Coral Gemstone

Coral gemstone is composed of calcium carbonate, which is considered good for bones. The coral stone is conceived from the bushes of living creature in the sea water called polyps.

The red coral stone is basically manufactured with the skeletons of theses polyps.  The property of this stone is that its delicate red or white color encourages to be used for jewelry items. The coral stone is a fragile gemstone; its hardness is only 3.5 on the hardness scale. Hence, this stone need to be taken proper care otherwise, it can be damaged easily.

Apart from these properties, the coral gemstone has been associated with the Indian mythology by astrologers. It is promulgated that apprehensive coral gemstone belongs to the planet ferocious planet Mars, which denotes sexual desires, courage, fiery, anger, courage and passion.  The red coral and white coral gemstone ruler mars is assigned with the role of commander in-chief among all nine planets in the solar system. The red color of the stone is the signification of blood and protection.

coral gemstones

Buy Natural Coral Gemstone Online:

While buying red coral stone or white coral stone; the quality of the stone must be analyzed. The quality of coral gemstone can be decided on the basis of number of inclusions in the stone. A stone which embodies a large number of inclusions is considered to be low quality stone.

Hence coral can be divided into four types on the basis of quality.

Standard Coral Gemstone:

The standard red coral gemstone contains a large number of inclusion that can be visible to the naked eyes. However, the price of standard coral gemstone is comparably low that allows people around the world to buy this stone. The price of one carat standard grade red coral stone  is Rs. 2000+ per carat.

Fine Quality Coral Gemstone:

The fine quality coral gemstone will have less inclusions and it is barely possible to spot inclusions with bare eyes. Due to its quality parameter the price of the stone is around 2500+ Rs per carat.

Coral Triangular Shape:

A Triangular coral gemstone is also referred to as the Lakshmi Moonga (Red coral) ruled by the Goddess of wealth. This particular “Lakshmi Moonga” is primarily the invention of certain Astrologers and traders and in the majority used in North India.

natural coral gemstone

Benefits of Wearing Coral Gemstone:

  • The red coral stone replenishes the old wounds and snakebites. The stone is also very useful for the children, therefore they can wear this gemstone to protect themselves from severe diseases.
  • The mars blessed red coral stone increases the passion, self-confidence, vigor, vitality, and physical strength of a person. It also helps those who want to buy or sell their home properties.
  • The coral stone guards a person against many serious diseases like pyorrhea, abortion, piles, impotency, chicken pox. Moreover, the diseases   such as hypertension, arthritis, stomach problem can be cured by wearing this stone.
  • Individuals in the following professions can be benefited from wearing red coral politician, leather dealers, surgeons, players, factory workers and electricians. The stone also prevents a person against evil spirits, hexing, black magic.